Single Molecule Bioimaging

High resolution imaging allows the spatial context of cells and the spatial organization of cellular and molecular networks to be probed. We have been developing a high throughput, single molecule-resolution imaging platform to simultaneously image a large number of RNA, DNA, and protein species. Using the new platform, we aim to extract underlying molecular interactions as well as intercellular regulatory networks. We also have been developing live imaging technologies to monitor cell movements and interaction with other cells in vivo.

microscope with cells

Spatial Transcriptomics

Spatial transcriptomics maps the spatial distribution of thousands of genes across wide regions of tissue at single molecule resolution, revealing the spatial architecture of transcriptional networks in fixed cells and tissues. We will be using our method to study how brains encode social interactions in different animals. We have established tight collaborations with neurobiologists for this project.


Single Molecule Imaging to Study Intercellular Networks

We aim to visualize important biomolecules such as mRNAs, regulatory RNAs and proteins to understand their regulation and disregulation during disease. We utilize sequential and combinatorial imaging techniques to trace a large number of different RNA species and proteins in healthy and diseased cells and tissues. This strategy allows us to understand how RNA expression and regulation are impacted during disease at single-molecule level and with high spatial resolution.