Group Members


Hee-Sun Han, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor and Mark A. Pytosh Scholar
Department of Chemistry
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Faculty Affiliate at The Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology

About Hee-Sun



JuYeon Lee
jlee557 at illinois dot edu
JuYeon received her BS from Seoul National University in Korea. In college, her research focused on the synthesis of a probe to track glucose uptake in cancer cells in Prof. Seung Bum Park’s lab and on identifying biologically relevant noncoding RNA in Prof. V. Narry Kim’s lab. Her PhD work with Prof. Steven Zimmerman at UIUC focused on development of therapeutic agents for myotonic dystrophy. Her current research in the Han group involves a transcriptome analysis of healthy and diseased cells using massively multiplexed imaging. JuYeon’s hobbies include cooking, traveling and listening to music.



Alex Schrader
alexws2 at illinois dot edu
Alex studied chemistry at Drury University, a liberal arts college in Springfield, Missouri. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in chemistry in the spring of 2017. While an undergraduate, his research focused on instrumental analysis, studying the binding of small proteins to heparin using capillary electrophoresis. In the Han group, he now specializes in massively multiplexed imaging of single molecules in healthy or diseased tissues. His interests include programming, reading, and playing video games.


Thomas Cowell
tcowell2 at illinois dot edu
Thomas is graduate student in the Physical Chemistry PhD program at UIUC. He obtained his BA in Chemistry from Middlebury College, doing research into the thermal decomposition of organsulfur compounds with applications in fuel desufurization. Thomas joined the Han lab in 2017 where he conducts research using droplet microfluidics for highthroughput single virus sequencing.


Wenyang Jing
wenyang3 at illinois dot edu
Wenyang is PhD student in the Center for Biophysics and Quantitative Biology program. He earned a BS in physics from McGill University and a MS in physics from the University of Ottawa under Michel Godin, where his work was on single cell biophysics using a microfluidic cell volume sensor and the study of the relationship between cellular fitness and drug resistance. His current work in the Han Lab focuses on viral sequencing using droplet microfluidics.


Ryan Miller
ryancm4 at illinois dot edu
Ryan is a PhD student in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department. He received his BS in Chemical Engineering at Georgia Tech, conducting research on transient polymer synthesis for decomposable devices. Ryan is a member of both the Kong and Han labs where he conducts research on ROS-responsive antioxidant crystal delivery for ocular and neurodegenerative diseases.


Marisa Asadian
asadian2 at illinois dot edu
Marisa completed a BS in chemistry with an emphasis in biology and a minor in physics from the University of Utah. As an undergraduate, she worked in Prof. Peter Armentrout’s lab studying dysprosium cationic molecules to understand metal bonding characteristics, establish periodic trends, and study its electronic structure. She also did research abroad with Prof. Uwe Schröder studying microbial electrolysis at Technical University of Braunschweig in Germany. Marisa joined the Han lab in 2020 where she now focuses her research on transcriptomic analysis using multiplexed bioimaging.


Sungjong Lee
sl51 at illinois dot edu
Sungjong was born and raised in South Korea. He obtained his B.S. and M.S. from Korea University, where he worked on the synthesis of 2-arylindole-3-acetic acid derivatives using cyanide-mediated imino-Stetter reactions  under Prof. Cheol-Hong Cheon. Sungjong began his graduate work at UIUC in the Sarlah group in 2018, where he studied the synthesis of aminoglycosides. He joined the Han Lab in 2021 working on the synthesis and application of quantum dots. Outside the lab, Sungjong enjoys listening to music, singing songs, and playing the clarinet. He also likes pets and games.

Chih-Lin Chen
chihlin3 at illinois dot edu
Chih-Lin obtained a BS in Applied Chemistry from National Chiao-Tung University (NCTU) and a MS from National Taiwan University (NTU) in Taiwan. As an undergraduate, he worked in Prof. Paweł Urban’ lab to develop automatic miniature device to monitor dynamic chemical reactions. After graduated from NCTU, he worked with Prof. Cheng-Chih Hsu in NTU to develop ambient ionization mass spectrometry ion sources. Now he joined the Han group to conduct research with droplet microfluidics.

Heewon Noh
heewonn2 at illinois dot edu
Heewon is a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering graduate student. She earned her BS and MS from Seoul National University in Korea. She worked in Prof. Byung-gee Kim’s lab doing research on biocatalysis and protein engineering. She joined the Han group in 2021. Her research interest lies in the field of synthetic biology, currently working on synthetic cell construction.


Jack Hovey
jshovey2 at illinois dot edu
Jack Hovey is an undergrad studying chemical and biomolecular engineering. His hobbies include playing video games, playing football, and working out. He joined the lab in 2021 where he works with JuYeon on QD-based bio imaging. 


Giselle Soares
gsoares2 at illinois dot edu
Giselle is an undergraduate student studying chemical and biomolecular engineering. Her hobbies include playing soccer, ukulele, and training in MMA. She joined in September 2020 working with JuYeon on transcriptomic analysis using multiplexed imaging.

Starwing Chen
xingyuc5 at illinois dot edu
Starwing is an undergraduate student majoring in specialized chemistry. She loves reading novels and comics, watching animation, movies, and TV. She wish to absorb enough sunlight and generate a great amount of vitamin D3. She joined the Han Lab in 2021 where she works with Sungjong on the synthesis of dendronized fluorosurfactants.

Calvin Doty
calvind2 at illinois dot edu
Calvin is an undergraduate student majoring in chemical and biomolecular engineering. He enjoys playing tennis and soccer in his free time.

Bladen Lee
bladenl2 at illinois dot edu
Bladen is an undergraduate majoring in chemistry. During his free time, he likes to read books, go to the movies, and hang out with his friends. He joined in the Summer of 2021 where he works with Wenyang on the fabrication of microfluidic devices and drop making.

Lab Alumni

Joonhyuck Park
Postdoctoral Researcher
Now a faculty member at the Catholic University of Korea

Arun Jayaraman
Undergraduate Researcher
Now a graduate student at Georgia Tech

Andrew Dobria
Undergraduate Researcher