Research Interests

The Han lab is an interdisciplinary research team that works at the interface of chemistry, biology, medicine and engineering. Our central goal is to pioneer new technologies to extract and combine detailed molecular, structural and environmental information from healthy or diseased tissues. This will allow us to obtain a holistic understanding of complex biological systems and to delineate molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the function or dysfunction of tissues/organs. The newly developed technologies are also used to study microbiome communities and their interactions with cells as our tools are highly useful to study various heterogenous, highly interacting systems. To create new technologies, we leverage recent advances in nanoscience, microfluidics, and bioimaging:

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Positions Available

Lab News

1/19/2018: Alex completed cell culture training

1/18/2018: Thomas completed MRL training

12/1/2018: Alex and Ed complete NMR training

12/16/2017: Carry 5000 (UV-Vis-NIR) Spectrometer has arrived

11/31/2017: Received first shipment of glassware

11/20/2017: The lab is now ready for molecular biology work: (bio safety cabinet installed)

11/6/2017: The optics lab is officially open!

11/4/2017: First group meeting.

10/31/2017: Welcome to the lab, Alex Schrader, Eduardo De La Toba, and Thomas Cowell.


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